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  • Category Players
  • Program license Free
  • Version 221102
  • Size 20.36 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8.1
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Daum

While you have tons of free third-party media players, PotPlayer has playback for both music and video. There will be occasions where you might not have the data connection and a locally stored file will be the only choice. PotPlayer handles a broad range of media file formats, but the playback quality depends on the hardware that the program has been installed on. In tests, PotPlayer did not have a problem with a 1.6 GB .Mov file or a 865 MB MKV file. The test of files at that level shows that the smaller files will have no problem with the playback.

You can toggle your file information and view the in-depth breakdown of information that even includes the CPU usage. For subtitle support, .SRT and .ASS files play the subtitles when located in the same folder of the video file. You have an excellent number of options for PotPlayer, and you can optimize PotPlayer for better performance. For the vast majority of videos, the default settings will work well. PotPlayer also plays audio files without a problem, and you have default visualizations that you can download online.

PotPlayer gives you a high level of information related to the audio files like file types, bitrate, and the number of channels. As one similarity to other media players, you have audio presets like the equalizer, which works great. This, however, will not substitute for a solid stereo system, but it does have a positive impact on the audio. Daum, a Korean company, first created PotPlayer, but they translated everything into English both during the installation and after the installation.

The problem with PotPlayer is how it fails to show up in the task bar menu. You will only see it in the notification area, which makes using it a problem. You will either have to keep it running, or you will have to find it in the notifications. PotPlayer, an excellent choice to avoid the first-party media player, will give you a stable player that can support multiple formats. Playback quality for both audio and video are excellent. There were also some fixes that were added to the DVD subtitles that use DXVA2. Along with that, you have an improved pixel shader handling, and improved handling with logos.

While you do not have much for unique elements in PotPlayer, the dark default theme looks quite attractive, and you can customize the theme to your own liking. When it comes to free media players, Daum's PotPlayer looks impressive, and it even has a flawless playback of damaged files. Looking at the market, you will see rivals of open-source software that are more complex and difficult to use than PotPlayer. The software offers a lot of value, and you have a lot of options.


  • Supports different subtitles
  • A Screen capture option
  • Tons of file types supported
  • A lot of details for playback options


  • Some of the options more confusing
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